Black Latte Review – Lose Weight 26 kg Easily Without Leaving Home

How to lose weight without dieting 26 kg easily without leaving home

You’re tired of those extra kilos? Do not you manage to lose weight? Maybe you turn to win kilos right after losing them ? Do you have raring to put you back to your favorite dress, but not conseguis “throw yourself” on it and buy nice clothes is a big problem?

“I am very grateful to all those who called me fat and I was treated with condescension. If it were not for you, would remain just as fat , ” says Maria Serrano Zabala who managed to lose weight 26 kg . I tried many different diets on the way to a perfect body, but the most effective proved to be a very simple method . Mary told us in detail about this method makes the extra kilos will never return. Here is a fascinating story …

I’ve never been a thin girl, but the extra kilos were no special reason. After meeting my future husband Paul, I started eating even more than before and came only because when I got really fat.

When I met Paul, I started eating even more than before and regained consciousness only when I got really fat

Paul and I took over 7 years together and during this time we had two children. But until recently, we had, as they say now, part-time marriage. Paul lived in his apartment, worked hard and came to see me from time to time. Then he left again.

From the beginning of our relationship, I just kept waiting for him to ask me to marry him. That was my dream!

After you stop breastfeeding, I felt that thoughts about slimming returned to me every day. getting not forget that vacation when he saw how Paul could not remove his eyes off those skinny girls, while in our relationship did not change anything. At that time, I weighed 88 kg these heinous.

At that time, I weighed 88 kg these heinous. And finally I decided to lose weight!

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And finally I decided to lose weight! I tried everything: about 10 diets, all kinds of workouts, wraps, saunas, special massages, etc. All that either did not help or helped temporarily. As soon as those extra kilos were leaving, returning in the blink of an eye.

One day in the supermarket, in the pastry section, I met Laura , a girl I met at the hospital when I gave birth to my second child. I barely recognized – it was almost double than me, but when I saw her , ‘I was 3 times thinner than after childbirth !!!

  • Amazing! – I exclaimed excited rather than say hello. – I look and I can not believe me! Laura, are you really you?
  • I’ve lost some weight, right? – she asked smiling, buying cakes.

Mary, what diets and saunas are you talking about? Anyway, I know what you have to do. Come to my house to have a coffee while my husband is at work and my child in daycare. I – with pastels, and you – too – Laura cried with narrowed eyes – and I’ll tell you and show you everything and even will give you try it.

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Mary, what diets and saunas are you talking about?

It was incredibly intrigued and I accepted immediately. Moreover, Paul was traveling on business for two weeks the next day, so he spent all day yesterday to children. And I could relax a little.

Laura lost 33 kg in three months and a half after finishing breastfeeding. It was not a diet, not starving and not going to the gym. She wore a normal lifestyle and ate everything I wanted.

His body became as thin as a teenager . Oddly enough, weight loss so sudden not let a single stretch mark on your skin. At the time, I thought my Paul would eat with their eyes.

I experienced a super intense emotion after discovering how easy she had lost weight. Moreover, anyone can lose weight easily and safely . Your prescription weight loss left me with my mouth open!

When we got home, Laura made a rare latte – it was black. At first, I was surprised, but the taste of the drink turned out to be virtually identical to ordinary coffee with milk with a dense foam – was very rich.

“This is the secret of my weight loss – Black coal latte Latte,” Laura said and showed me a package with black powder used to make the drink

“This is the secret of my weight loss – coal latte Black Latte , ” Laura said and showed me a package with black powder used to make the drink. No need to buy any special coffee machine to do so. Simply throw in a cup of boiling water and go.

Just take it once a day, preferably in the morning. In this way, all the extra calories that will reach throughout the day will not be stored as fat. Do you what you can imagine? It’s a dream!

I lost 5 kilos and 100 grams in the first 5 days without changing my daily diet or exercise!

I memorized those first numbers of my success. It was amazing! My heart was about to leave the chest, and I almost could not breathe excitement! I got it!!!

Next week, my menu was the same as always, except that every day I drank a cup of my beloved Black Latte .

I put up with not weigh myself, but even without the scale, felt that weight down. Sometimes, he felt a sense of pleasant warmth in my arms, stomach and thighs. I started having a lot of energy I had not had for a long time. In addition, I started to feel much less tired than before.

After weighing me a week later, I almost fainted. The scale showed 74.7 kg. That is, over the next week I lost weight almost 9 kg!

In 12 days I turned 13 kilos and 700 grams thinner!

Just imagine that you have just to lose weight. Imagine how you feel. Feel so proud that you are on yourselves, how you like your reflection in the mirror, and then you will understand what I felt.

Of course, I felt my clothes started to be more “loose”, but I could not believe it would be possible to lose 14 kg in less than 2 weeks!

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I completely forgot about my weight. During the 10 days off all inclusive and Black Latte, I lost 7.5 kg.

I completely forgot about my weight. I weighed only after returning. This time, rest for 10 days all inclusive and Black Latte , I lost 7.5 kg. Of course, not lost 1 kg per day as at first, but keep in mind that while on vacation did not eat in the same way as always.

Since then, I do not even try to lose weight. I started taking Black Latte every two days. But despite that, I lost another 5 kg for the wedding day .

Our partnership with Paul was fun. Laura was my witness – we became very good friends during that time. I am immensely grateful for sharing your recipe to lose weight so simple .

Paul confessed that he secretly always wanted to be thin

Then Paul told me that my transformation drove him mad . He said secretly always wanted to be thin and kept imagine with the body I have now. Of course, I never said I did not want to offend. At the end of the day , He is very sensible to me!

PS Paul and I took three months and officially being husband and wife, and we are thinking of selling our two apartments to buy one common that is bigger, wider and more comfortable.

Now, weight 62 kilos and 300 grams, and my weight does not increase even though it took a month without taking Black Latte . In the end, I lost 26 kilos and 100 grams and even after more than 7 – year relationship with Paul, I still feel the most loved woman in the world.  It’s a fantastic feeling that I deserved!

I lost 26 kilos and 100 grams. My dream has come true!

My dream has come true! And all turned out to be even better than I had dreamed! Yes, it is true that helped me the case with Laura, but it was just an opportunity that had taken.

Each of us have those opportunities in life even if you have to wait long. Unfortunately, many people lose the endless problems of everyday life, lack of money and mistrust of everything.

Try to see your opportunity always and everywhere: in any event around you, in people who for some reason have been put in your way, stories that somehow caught your attention and you read – everything! And when you’ve recognized – agarradla with all your strength! This is precisely the secret to true happiness . After taking advantage of your opportunity, you will see that your life will be much better than you Had you imagined.

When I heard Laura, I also thought it was impossible at first. But still, I tried her recipe, Black Latte, because we can not know everything in advance. At the end of the day , you could simply smile skeptically and move on. And then nothing had changed! Moreover, I not even know I had lost my chance …

For those of you who have decided to be happy, beautiful, attractive and ever desired, I will do the same as Laura did for me when I came to visit her . I will show you where to find the manufacturer ‘s website Black Latte which she told me. Just do click on the green button with the words “GO TO MANUFACTURER ‘S WEBSITE” below and you will see will open. Everything else is in your own hands.

Benefits Of Black Latte

Latte with charcoal for people who love sweet and dream to lose weight

  • Absorbs fats and turns them into energy
  • Removes toxins from the body
  • Suppresses appetite and gives vitality
  • Removes excess fluid from the body
  • Dopamine (hormone of happiness)

Black Latte is a delicious and refreshing secret to slim figure of world stars

Black LatteThe most popular means of weight loss among the world stars!

Dietitian Cynthia Pascal, a consultant on feeding Charlize Theron and Sandra Bullock, recommended to drink latte with charcoal instead of breakfast and / or one of the meals for rapid weight loss. It stimulates metabolism, gives strength and energy to full life with benefit figure. You should not replace meals with him more than a month. During this time, you can achieve impressive results.


US scientists finally have discovered an easy and convenient way to lose weight without changing their usual lifestyle. Developed a natural beverage Latte Black , taste with no different from the ordinary and favorite all latte, but contains activated carbon actively absorbed fat and melts them, removes from the body all slags and toxins. Overweight disappear, but the chest is reduced. Black Latte accelerates metabolism and reduces appetite Allowing you to permanently lose 3-4 kilos a week without additional exercise or not to limit certain foods.

Natural Ingredients

Activated Charcoal

Prevents absorption of 80% of fat from the diet and their accumulation in the body; It ensures safe melting, processing and eliminates fat stores and toxic substances.

Coconut milk

Directly affects acceleration of metabolism in 3-4 times. Launched a process of “self-cleaning” in the body – burn fat around the internal organs accumulated in love handles, abdomen and “breeches.”


Decomposes and removes excess subcutaneous fat, as well as the expression of even neglected cellulitis; fights sagging skin and helps in toning the body after severe weight loss.


Increases the level of leptin, the hormone responsible for the rate of fat burning in the body. It is important that our body can not produce omega-3, and it only gets outside.

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