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One week EXPRESS Rejuvenation

The Japanese are famous not only for beauticians to BB cream, facial rejuvenation but also about their products. The Japanese body, face and hair care products popularity is increasing day by day becoming only. The key to the success of the Japanese beauticians latest scientific developments , the ancient tradition, organic ingredients, and most importantly, their effectiveness lies!

Japanese women live an average of 85 years. A difficult task to decide on the basis of their looks, that Japanese women how many years old. The secret lies in the cosmetics they use.

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Masako Mizutani, a homemaker, was born in 1968. 2 children’s mother. The eldest daughter is now 20 years old! 46-year-old Masako.

CollamaskA Japanese talk show Masako admitted that he used a special product for the past 10 years, every week – Collamask , which replaces all other cream method or surgery. According Masako, this facial care products have long been available, it was impossible to obtain or elsewhere. Her husband is a pharmacist and cosmetics company working scientist, received his first taste of Masako. After the first use, so he liked the Collamask, began to use it every day, feeling that every day keeps getting younger! The effect was stunning!

According to scientists, the cream was not originally designed for mass production, but Masako experiences have shown that it pays to throw to finish and market the finished product.

Today the Collamask now available in Hungary! The product has passed all the necessary tests, the cream is 100% guaranteed positive results in these.

Julia Nagy – Experienced Beautician

CollamaskThe Collamask face and nyakfiatalító effect scientifically proven fact. Most women over 25 years of wrinkles begin to appear around the eyes and lips, and also providing a common nevetőráncok not very pretty sight. there is no sense in this era of injections, they can be harmful to health, while the cream is easy to eliminate the aesthetic issues. Quite a single use, and the skin will again be young and wrinkle-free! I can only recommend.

Likes Tanya, a registered dermatologist, cosmetic (more than 12 years of experience)

CollamaskRecently, a research lab conducted an unusual experiment over 100 M on F to 35 years. They all had the same problems: deep , wrinkles and deep lines around the eyes and lips and the complexion was pale. During the week-long experiment, we asked each of them to smear the Collamask their faces and necks. The results were staggering: Each participant wrinkles smoothed, the complexion became healthy and radiant! Check out these photos of Japanese innovative products, the impact Collamask.

Based on years of personal experience I can say that the face lift effect of the cream is simply amazing. Before the appearance of the product to achieve such a result was almost impossible without plastic surgery and injections are super-active! But the Collamask replaced this dream come true – the effect of the product lasts more than a year. The Japanese scientists and doctors have proven once again that they are the best! We strongly encourage the rejuvenation Collamasket women over 35 every day for skin care.

CollamaskThe product’s formula is made up of rare and unique ingredients. Decide ye yourselves are only natural ingredients, including hydrolyzed collagen that restores the skin’s firmness and water balance, and strongly raises the face and rejuvenate. The cream does not cause irritation even thanks to the natural components of even the most sensitive skin!

It contains many vitamins, minerals, amino acids, biotin, C, B and vitamin E groups, iron, and betaine. In addition, the product is ideal for everyone, since it is completely impressed by this sophisticated, but technology-based approach to skin care. Personally I can say that the cream pleasant smell of all women will like it! Especially I can recommend the Collamask was regardless of skin care, all ages.

Benefits of Collamask

The COLLAMASK is a unique mask that fights the main problems of the skin. The patented formula of COLLAMASK allows it be used on all skin types, providing an intense nourishing and moisturizing all skin layers, restoring the skin’s structure.

Effective Against Skin Aging


It consists of natural ingredients


It does not cause allergy


Non Fagesorogono

Suitable for all Skin types

The secret of efficiency

Avocado Oil

B-carotene, protein, lecithin, fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E are as avocado oil help moisturize and protect your skin from the harmful UV rays and also increase the collagen metabolism.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid can enhance highly the moisture content and simultaneously energize the outer layers of the skin so as to have the appearance and feel of smoothness, brightness and hydration! This directly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
The refreshing extracts produced without using alcohol, alkaline substances or glycerol.
The cream has the highest content of ingredients beneficial to health due to the physical form of the treatment. The very nature gives to COLLAMASK her energy.

Composite Results

The COLLAMASK make your skin healthy and vibrant, eliminates wrinkles and imperfections.

  • Moisturizes and nourishes
    Vitamins and minerals give back the skin its natural glow. Glowing, healthy skin because of frequent hydration.
  • soothe
    Active ingredients eliminate wrinkles from the face and around the eyes. The skin becomes smooth, the face regains its natural shape.
  • Protection
    Active ingredients and powerful filters SPF protect skin from the unhealthy influence of the environment. The wrinkles and dull complexion have no chance.

Experts Recommend

CollamaskThe COLLAMASK cream has proved its effectiveness. The main advantage is the complex care provided. The cream can be used both in a complex, full facial skin rejuvenation program and as a preventive product. The wrinkles are smoothed perfectly, the skin becomes uniform. I recommend this cream for those who want to improve the quality of their skin and those who must protect it from any defects. Finally, a dry skin can folidoeides quivered in a few days and then it is very difficult to even out those fine lines.


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