Electricity Saving Box Review – Save Money on Salaries for Electricity

Greeting! Erno fighter I am and I work as an electrician for life.

Electricity Saving BoxAs long as I remember, prices have risen steadily in the light! And of course I know the price is artificially overestimated light and therefore constantly doing something to counter household: I clip her or a magnet or simply rewind. My family is great, and the light is still a lot of needs at home because of the children constantly wash the diapers, clothes, and the third is sitting at the computer constantly. Usually I stole electricity from the state, what you hide? Still working part-time workers, electricians. And when I worked in one apartment and saw interesting things. Attaching it to the counter, I introduced the wires, and the owner started to complete the room.

Something there sawed, drilled, and counter the next day, only about 300 watts burned. How? After all, it was supposed to be 5-6 times? I started to talk to the owner and told me about the device, which reduces electricity consumption. I could not believe my ears, I’m so ashamed of myself that I do not know so simple things in physics. So now I pay 10 times less for light, so I advise everyone. The device is called – Electricity Saving BoxAnd as I understand, you can not buy in the store. Understandably, this is not entirely fair to the state. But we pay taxes, and not a little, I think that this is primarily a reasonable and proper savings, and then everything else. My son helped me to master the Internet, and recently I found a website where the asset sale. Here is the business address to see and decide that you need to save it or not. But in my opinion, why spend more when you can save? I do not like to spend money in the air.

Son helped me with the internet, and I found a website that sells this přístroj.Tady link trade, look and decide whether it makes sense to conserve electricity. But to me, why spend more when it comes to save? I do not like, you know throwing money into the air.

Electricity Saving Box Substantial Savings!

It reduces the consumption of electrical appliances, and therefore less of a meter “spins”, and consequently will lower their monthly electricity bill! The ELECTRICITY SAVING BOX to pay less by 30-50%, depending on exactly how to use electrical appliances.
Electricity Saving Box

Benefits Of Electricity Saving Box

Electricity Saving Box

  • Easy connection. Sufficient inserted into the socket!
  • Do not be fooled by the meter. The savings achieved through more efficient energy use.
  • Efficacy was confirmed by numerous research and a scientific explanation.
  • Not only saves electricity, but also increases the life of electrical appliances.
  • It reduces electro magnetic radiation is harmful to health, which the wires and electrical appliances emit
  • It pays for itself entirely within 1-2 months.

Technical Features

  • Flats and houses used for its intended purpose standard electrical networks
  • The maximum humidity of air – 85% (must not be installed in bathrooms and swimming pools).
  • 5 Capacity kW – 19 kW (a device on the entire home enough).
  • Weight: 170 grams, including packaging, without the packaging 125 grams.
  • Méretek: 12cm x 7cm x 4cm.
  • Warranty – 1 year.

How to use Electricity Saving Box

Plug the device into any outlet.

Start right now to save on your electricity bill by using the unique device ELECTRICITY SAVING BOX

Network is protected from the reactive energy

Network is protected from the reactive energy, electrical appliances consume less energy. The physics is known to have two types of energy: active and reactive. The active energy is useful – it was used in the functioning of electronic devices. The reactive power “incidental and unnecessary”. It circulates in the pipes and cause additional load on the network. Consequently, the power consumption increases, and create a number of adverse health magnetic field.

Save money on salaries for electricity

The monthly payments will be lower by 30-50% than before operating the ELECTRICITY SAVING BOX.

The power-saving liquidate reactive power in the network, resulting in a loss of load, and consequently the power consumption is reduced. Electrical appliances consume less electricity and therefore reduced the amounts to be paid for it.


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