Fito Spray Review – Advanced Slimming Spray For Better Weight Loss

Participant has lost weight by 40 pounds!

The singer Polina Gagarina. Before and after weight loss.

FitosprayPolina Gagarina is one of the brightest young stars of Russian show business. The winner of the TV project “Industry of stars – 2”. Multiple winner of the annual festival “Song of the Year”, the owner of the award “MUZ-TV” in nomination “Discovery of the Year”. The singer recently shocked their fans lost weight is 40 kg! In an exclusive interview to our newspaper the singer decided to reveal his secret to us.

For its robustness and voice can thank his grandmother. She was a big woman with a very light voice. And if you look at my photos at a young age, we see a real debeluško. However, debeluško with bright color voice. For the voice I was sixteen years ago adopted the “industry stars-2”, led by Max Fadejew, and there I won.

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Polina, but when comparing your picture in front of 15 and 20 years, were not so chubby

FitosprayYes, I was a small, round teddy bear! (smiles Bem.Red. ). After the birth of Andrei. That’s when I became really very thick. If I had received 10 pounds, I have now gained weight more than 30!

Polina Gagarina before the birth of a son

Of course you’re trying to lose weight?

Ah, what I tried everything! The diet according to the blood group carbohydrate free diets separating food monodieta, protein diet, a diet with kefir, starvation, all types of weight loss teas. I’ve tried everything!

The only thing I refused were Thai tablets and the like: my own eyes I saw people from show business, actually depend on these “miraculous resources”.

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And what were your successes?

FitosprayAs it is said in our show environment, there was no success, more failure. This means that it was a good and noise about this, but no results. First of all, I lost 4 or 5 pounds in a natural way, of course, but the pounds later returned, sometimes with the addition. And of course it was very painful, because if you are limiting what food you hate the whole neighborhood, in the end, the result is null.

Therefore, a diet but a bad thing, and do not trust them. Not so much null result, a more negative experience. Perhaps I was the first man singing Kislow divorced because Fattening or because of constant downtime nerve. In our family it almost every day there was no shortage of scandals.

In fitnes, fitnes studio?

You know, a fitness center is free and are provided for women who do not have to deal with money, a good solution. They have all paid. And at my concerts and tours planned several months in advance. I have obligations to producers who do not have such a low criminal sanctions. And what kind of fitness under these conditions! In his very tight schedule I could not activate!

Unfortunately, in this example, you are not alone

Yes, in such a rhythm of millions of our women. For it as well as for me slimming mandatory, but would you want to live a life that would allow “a full life” – be wife, mother and an expert!

Did you face with this?

Yes, and this helped me to my second husband, Dima Iskhakow. One day he came home, he gave me a yellow bottle and said, “Take shujšaj”.

And that was enough to make you lose weight by 40 pounds?

Imagine! The agent, who gave me Dima was very effective!

And what means was that? Tell us your secret!

It was spray Fito Spray , Spray кFito, which melts the fat that is produced under license from the well-known Swiss company Hofmann LR, which specializes in weight loss agents. Among its natural ingredients include (in Europe this is a very strict): extracts of mango, strawberry, palm Euterpe edulis, grown, Garcinia cambogia and green coffee *.

However, the main component of an aerosol for a weight loss of L-carnitine. It is used by athletes resting, and its impact in the fight with fat almost can not be denied. It lowers blood cholesterol levels and contribute to higher consumption of fats.

Thanks to some spray for weight loss?

Perfectly true, except sprays do not use anything else! (Laughs). Use spray Fito Spray сpripomore to active capacity of gastric juice, and therefore digestion starts to work harder. Thus, the active stimulates metabolism. So, the organism changes to a device for processing fat! I do not know all the physiological characteristics, it is important for me that I therefore began to lose weight.

Following instructions should be one injection carried out after lunch! Therefore, it is desirable that before going to bed do not eat sandwiches.

FitosprayYou probably will not believe it, but after three days VERBATIM the pounds began to disappear. I felt much lighter, feeling the weight of the food is gone and the dress was observed that the centimeters disappear! I jumped on the scales, and there was a 5 kg less! I did not believe my eyes and my happiness! And besides, I started hosting for advertising my new CD. And just on the tours are usually the most I put on weight – due to irregular diet, permanent migration, which greatly increases the appetite!

Indicates that the weight began to disappear after three days?

Yes. Later, suddenly they disappeared for another 3 kilograms. Literally me out! I had a feeling that this spray penetrated my body and melt the excess pounds. It seemed to me like it was my reflection in the mirror every morning more narrow!

So, how many pounds you lose weight?

Average week I lost weight 4 to 5 kg! Problems with wardrobe started after one month. My designer, I am very grateful to him, he somehow managed to operational and timely respond to my “blown away” ranges and sewn concert dresses and suits. The ultimate effect was that I lost weight in two months more than 40 kg! And that was the easiest and quickest weight loss in my life !!

So How Exectly Fito Spray?

Spray for weight loss gives a quick result and combines the useful with the pleasant. Natural ingredients give the spray a delicious flavor and aroma, reduce the feeling of hunger and so contribute to the reduction of excess weight without a special strain. L-carnitine burns fat deposits even when you’re sitting in your office or at the wheel of his car.

Fito Spray Ingredients

Green coffee

unique combination of antioxidant – chlorogenic acid – and the low dose of caffeine causes fat burning , reduces appetite and lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood and discharged out of the body of toxins and excess fluid

Extract garcinije

Hydroxy citric acid from an extract from changing excess carbohydrates in the fat, accelerates the degradation of fat and suppress the desire for sweets


Berries contain a rich set of active components (polysaccharides, fitosterin, vitamins and minerals) that promotes the conversion of fat into energy , reduces appetite, protect the heart and blood vessels, strengthen the immune system

Mango extract and acai palm

glycosides and flavonoids, which are found in mango and berry acai palm prevent the formation of excess fat , protecting the cell membrane and enhance the defensive strength

Citric acid

activates the metabolism, improve digestion, and accelerate the elimination of toxins

Menthol and mint

Menthol and terpenoids in methyl freshen breath, to improve the discharge of bile and accelerate degradation of the fat.

More than 100,000 derivative sales

Counselors Dietetics recommend

Doctor of Medicine at the Clinic Food Research Institute,  Radu B.

Problems fight overweight today, in a world of fast-paced, which imposes a daily basis, and trapped in a sedentary lifestyle, more topical than ever. Regular overeating and abuse energetic and harmful foods are major obstacles in the fight for health and good physique.

Reduction of appetite and loss of excess weight – a difficult task for the people who live in the modern world. Therefore, the engineers created a unique method for delivering owl that help with weight loss in the body. Dietetic spray to the oral cavity is the simultaneous solution of two key demands – pleasantness of use and effective delivery of active substances in the body.

The mucous membrane of the oral cavity is rich surface blood vessels. Therefore, penetration of the active ingredient of the spray, immediately after use, directly into the blood. At the moment, however, starting the operation: via the bloodstream to be distributed throughout the body, reach the liver, fat stores, to connect with receptors on cell membranes. Each dose spray therefore affects the entire organism. This means it is pleasant to use and effective.


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