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To start we report some statistics: 7 out of 10 Italians are suffering from varying degrees of parasites. The parasites do not live only inside the intestine, but also in the liver, heart and even the brain, they constitute a serious danger and a threat to a healthy and peaceful life. The first signs of the presence of the organism PARASITES are WARTS and papillomas , which will be discussed in detail below.

Hello, dear!
For many years followed my TV show, in which we have treated consistently many problems that afflict our body.
Today we will talk about the enemies of our body invisible but extremely dangerous, with whom we share our lives for years, without understanding what the source of our illnesses and our diseases: parasites.

Monastic teaParasites are a huge danger to the human body, and the first to suffer is our immune system, which for its function should defend our body against various diseases. As a result of a weakening of the immune system allows the body the active multiplication of enemies such as: roundworms, Lamblia, Toxocara, etc., Also becoming subject to the development of numerous diseases.

Today there are over 260 types of parasites, without considering those parasites from which we can become infected while traveling in exotic locations. The parasites are destroying our bodies from the inside, feeding on the fundamental micronutrients to the body, causing a series of impairments and releasing toxic substances that act on our internal organs.

The signals of the presence of parasites in our bodies can be: frequent fatigue, drowsiness, apathy, depression, migraines, as well as various aches and spasms affecting the internal organs. Even frequent rashes, such as Warts and papillomas, especially on the face and hands, can indicate the presence of parasites in the body. If you suffer from frequent illnesses will simply run a clean body from parasites.

Here are the pictures of one of our patients who suffered from papilloma next to his left eye.

Monastic teaHere are the results after 30 days of taking Fitobalt. The body cleansing of parasites should be done through natural herbal remedies. The best and most accessible product for cleaning the organism is currently Fitobalt.

Monastic TeaCouncil to all these drops, without limitation, but especially to those who want to do a thorough cleaning of the whole organism. Already during the first three days of employment will experience a significant improvement, an increase of vitality, the pain will disappear head, the mood will improve. In 10 days the parasites will be removed from your body. The drops have a strengthening effect, so the body will be adjusted effortlessly to all parasites: various types of worms, fungi, unicellular organisms (chlamydia, lamblia, etc.).

The Recruitment Method is Simple

  • Add 5-10 drops in a glass of water
  • You hire the drops 2 times a day, morning and night
  • In 10 days the body is purified

You can order the original Fitobalt only on the official website, published below. This product has all the necessary certificates and its effectiveness is tested.

Get Rid of Parasites as soon as Possible?

  • Parasites, sideways or straight, are the cause of 80% of human diseases
  • In this way, the immune system has a hard time


  • The parasitic infection involves a substantial loss of vitamins, which leads to the exhaustion of reserves of microelements: calcium, copper, manganese, selenium, zinc, magnesium, silicon, and similarly involves a hormonal failure


  • The pests ruin your liver, gallbladder, pancreas, intestine.


  • The products of life pest lead to the appearance of allergic reactions (urticaria, bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis)


  • If you are found in large quantities parasites procure lactic acid, “bad” cholesterol and otherĀ  poisons that ruin the whole organism


  • In children the presence of parasites promotes anemia, impair the body’s growth, they affect the height, ruining the memory

Check if you have Parasites

Allergic reactions
(skin marks, tears from the eyes, mucus)

Chronic fatigue
(you constantly tired,even if you do not strive)

Frequent headaches

Right all’intercostale Pain


Sleep and appetite compromise

What tea pesticide is better than special chemicalĀ  compounds?

  • Completely natural and safe, which means it can be drunk without doctor
  • does not have any side effects (unlike chemical pills that cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and worsen biochemical markers of liver)
  • It consists entirely of herbs collected in ecologically clean areas. The composition of tea includes: leaves of birch, oak bark, calendula, peppermint, tansy, wormwood, chamomile, uliginosa, yarrow, agrimonio, sage medical
  • It has an aromatic flavor and a tasty brew
  • Product certified and recommended by physicians specializing in pest to get rid of parasites directly home

Results of Clinical Trials are Impressive!

Clinical studies have been conducted on a large scale on pesticide tea at the end of 2013. In total, the studies, involving more than 100 people with different types of infection by parasitic organisms. All of them have been drinking for three weeks.

Study results have even impressed the doctors too.

In 100% of cases the tea helped study participants to completely get rid of parasites or significantly decrease the number (in case of heavy infection). There ‘was no person who has had negative results. None of the contemporary preparations (including also chemical ones) can not boast of such high efficiency results!

Opinion of the Specialists

“Diseases caused by parasites, usually only lead to flu and colds. This is why few people are committed to caring. It’s clear. In fact, to begin to heal, you have to go through a long and difficult process of medical examinations.

The advantage of pesticide Tea is just that prevents medical. On the effectiveness of cleaning the parasites, is a notch above the strongest chemicals, but it is completely safe for health.

Even if you are not affected by pests-not you’ll run into an exaggerated or excessive intake, on the contrary will help improve immunity.

Lately tea pesticide recommend to my patients more often, and I realize how the dynamics of pests of improved care, this once again demonstrates its great efficacy “


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