Fresh Fingers Review – Get Rid Of Nail & Foot Fungus

Attention: foot fungus

Fresh FingersSpring came .. The snow has melted and pleasant thoughts about the summer to come, spring break and new shoes come to mind.

But … This is terrible !!! Peel and ruptures between toes, spots and stripes on the nails? What should you do? Maybe everything will disappear naturally and nail defect will be hidden beneath the highly colored nail polish?

Signs of foot fungus

Stop! Do not make a mistake! Most likely, this is a serious illness. Nail fungus infection of the skin and remains well in the environment, so almost anyone can contact her because fungal infection is very common. Start by affecting feet and creases of the fingers.

Peeling occurs, followed by stinging and itching and blisters and sores that explode causing cracks.

If you notice these signs have to start treatment immediately in order to prevent fungus to penetrate into the deep layers of the nail.

Uninvited Guest

The sores may be visible on the nails? Your nails may become dull and yellow. They may also become thicker or thinner, have started to break, bleed and stripes. In most cases, the problem of the toes, but fungal infection can develop and hands.

The disease can occur in men and women. Although women are the first to notice it, because they take better care of their nails. If a woman wants to have to deal constantly with fungal infection, she should look carefully at the people around her nails to avoid further problems and recurrence contamination.

I’m not going

What to do if symptoms of nail fungus? The fungus is not just a cosmetic problem. The answer is simple. Take care…

It’s important to know that the fungus never comes alone. Also, there is no traditional cure that will help you get rid of fungus. So the correct path to recovery has two points: the office of a dermatologist and a chemist. You can buy new spray effectively “Fresh Fingers” without prescription. “Fresh Fingers” is a drug designed to eliminate the fungus that lives within the nail bed.

Death Fungus

The result of treatment for three days

Fresh FingersThe fungal infection using “tunnels” thin “channels” to enter the inside of the nail, there is always between the nail plate and nail bed box, which is attached to the finger nail.

Spray “Fresh Fingers” is applied slowly, the edge of the nail, and then it fills the entire surface. As a result, the high concentration of therapeutic agents which can kill the fungus, arrive on the infected. During treatment, healing nail fungal infection lasts until the growth of a healthy nail.

When skin lesions are also recommended to use spray “Fresh Fingers” . Its use helps eliminate cracks, reducing inflammation, itching and prevent recurrence removing microbial infection.

How does it work?

Fresh Fingers

  1. Clotrimazole. Suppresses growth of the fungus. It helps remove itching. Also destroy existing fungal cells and stops the development of new cells.
  2. Honey. Eliminate odor sweat glands and suppress bacteria that cause odor of sweat, even in healthy people. Softens the skin, giving it a fragrant and durable flowers.
  3. Vitamins. Softens the skin and stop shelling.
  4. Limonene. Refreshes tired feet and give them a pleasant odor.
  5. It works quickly, while you sleep. It will take several hours to fight this disease.

Fresh Fingers

Fresh FingersA simple way to overcome the fungus, itching and cracks!

  • Treat feet and nail fungus
  • Eliminate itching and flaking
  • Removes perspiration and odor
  • Heals cracks heels

What happens if you do not treat fungus foot

According to statistics, one in five inhabitants in Romania suffer from fungal diseases. The shoe narrow, closed, synthetic socks, saunas, swimming pools, are all factors that can account for this problem. In the summer season plus beaches, parks, where many go barefoot. All this leads to terrible diseases! Stop!

First phase

  • Exfoliating
  • itch
  • Sweating
  • Bad smell
  • discomfort

2nd stage

  • nail fungus
  • deep cracks
  • Strong sweating and itching
  • Persistent bad smell
  • Brittle nails, yellow
  • Thickened skin, “dead”
  • Strong discomfort during walking

3rd phase

  • Flaking and itching between the toes
  • Wounds and deep cracks
  • Pain
  • Ulcers
  • nail loss

How does Fresh Fingers?

Fresh FingersIf used regularly, spray quickly Fresh Fingers will save you some trouble. The active ingredients in the composition of clotrimazole, honey extract, and vitamins and limonene removed.

Clotrimazole – inhibits the growth of fungus and mycosis. Relieves itching. It has a destructive effect on existing fungal cells and block the emergence of new colonies.

The extract of honey – expels perspiration and sweat glands producing bacteria inhibit the activity of the sweat odor even in healthy people.  Soften the skin, giving it a mild flavor, floral for long.

Vitamins soften the skin, eliminates flaking.

Limonene cools the foot comfortable, offering a pleasant fragrance.

Why Fresh Fingers Better Than Other Treatments

Product Certificate

Recommended By Dermatologists For Eliminating Foot Fungus and Nail Home

No side effects

Unlike pills, which causes dizziness nausea, vomiting or liver damage


Herbs contain only natural

Perfectly Safe Remedy

Obtained without a prescription

expert opinion

How to use spray Fresh Fingers?

Before applying wash up with soap and dry your good legs. Spray applied to the affected skin. Every day, morning and evening for 30 days . You notice heels are pink and healthy skin!

Expert Opinion

Fresh FingersDragos Serban Specialist in dermatology

This preparation has recently shown effectiveness. Its main advantage is complex care. Even if you have all the symptoms must start using spray Fresh Fingers on prevention now. Foot fungus develops very fast! Today you have a slight flaking and itching, and tomorrow you will have to get admitted to the clinic and get antibiotics five times a day. Do not procrastinate! Treat the problem now. In addition, the fungus is infectious. If you are sick, or someone close is when the whole family gets sick!


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