Hondrocream Review – Advanced Way For Back, Joint & Muscle Pain

I want to tell my story – how I managed to brave the arthritis of the knee joints and osteochondrosis of the cross. I’m not a medical person will not explain how I cured. I’ll just tell you how it was.

Direct pain affect appearance is not the best way. Many sastarih for the past three years.

I am 62 years old, retired. Before retirement I worked in the blast furnace workshop of Pernik ironworks. First as a stoker, and then, in the last 10 years – Engineer Safety. Who is familiar with the profession of fireman knows that she is very different from the profession of steel. Now steel flow in converters – sitting and pressing levers and buttons. We did everything as usual. If you need, and we’ll work with the shovel and sometimes with iron bar. To the furnace heat is terrible and became very strong current. That’s where I damaged knees and hips.

Following the trauma arthritis me began to rapidly progresses.

HondrocreamGood thing about the internship category working retired at age 50 and immediately switched to another position. I no longer had the strength to endure. Last year, I took painkillers injections. To me luck – I became a place of engineer labor safety. Work that is much lighter and not along the furnace. Friendly mode initially had a favorable impact of my pain. The pain subsided and I even quit soothing for some time. But three years before final retirement home received trauma. During the fishing very strong stretch his leg. And obviously the shock of pain and then the use of painkillers violated the delicate balance – it appeared much pain in the knees and waist.

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I do not even want to remember those three years. It was hell! In the morning my wife beat diclofenac injections, then I work rules injection, and again in the evening my wife. You say: “Why do not you come out in retirement?” I helped my son. Bore him a son, my grandson, and he lost his job. And I have to keep working.

Last year just walking with a cane. Before another medical commission wrote a letter of resignation on his own. I certainly would not have passed the committee.

How to Treat?

Based on its extensive experience in diseases of the joints, I can say that doctors have knowledge mainly for preparation hondrozamin. Well, can decorate and hydrocortisone or diprospan

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They do not help!

Because they often have to do with diclofenac injections to reduce the pain appeared stomach pain. I had to add more Bismuth subnitrate to protect the stomach lining.

Before I find a really effective tool, my Rule 4 times punctures for removal of liquids. And last time I brought out this liquid has flowed and pus. The doctor said he probably will have to make a new operation – to make prosthetic joints. Instead unfit my knee joints, would put titanium. I learned about it later. Even if he passed prosthetics normally would have to walk with a cane. A joint operation of both cost a minimum of 8000 lev. That is, if you put German dentures. The Chinese would come cheaper by 2,000 lev, but they have more complications. In short, highly I thought.

I strongly thought about his future fate

He expected me disability. And I can not collect money so quickly.

We sat with my wife thought (my wife is a wonderful person!) And decided to agree to the operation. Life does not end at sixty-one, and the money are therefore money – to spend.

Me me save my wife Women, for which I am very grateful to her

HondrocreamHere, a Miracle Happened!

And this miracle am indebted to my wife. She had a friend at school, the wife of a clerk from a nearby town. He struggled with knees like me. Well, maybe a little less.

Once my wife was walking through town and stopped beside her car. From there came this clerk and springy gait youth, on top of that and quickly went to the store.

That same day Women (my wife) phoned his girlfriend and began to question her, how her Milcho was able to cure his knees. As if there was not legal transactions and not move as after surgery.

It turned out that the whole thing is the new American preparation – HONDROCREAM . Through his connections, he found Milcho from Sofia and literally a month to his feet. Once again I say – one month!

My wife and I rejoiced, but also pootchayahme. The preparation has not sold in our country. How to order it from the States, where almost everything is a recipe !? We never even imagined! In short, we continue to prepare for surgery.

And suddenly after about a month and a half called girlfriend Women and says that her Milcho mentioned that seemed cream HONDROCREAM been or are currently certified. My wife is directly asked his girlfriend to understand in detail and found that it has been certified! And already sold – for now only through the official website. I probably was one of the first to have placed an order!

I not only can again get on the bike, but can ride for two hours.

HondrocreamI started to dub this cream unfortunate knees and waist. And you know that the cream began to help! At first I thought that it acts as an analgesic, since after coating the pain for 5-10 minutes decreased significantly. But suddenly I felt my becomes significantly easier and waist. I, frankly, I had written off long ago. I could deal with my knees! To avoid surgery! But when after a week using the cream can stoop down and put my shoes without a half-shoehorn, I realized that HONDROCREAM CURES superb!

After two weeks I could no pain in the knees to make a half-hour walk! My job obviously going to improve! And after another two weeks I thought was a healthy man – no more pain! I am free to bend, long walk on foot and ride a bike (I like to ride a bike).

HondrocreamWalked half a year of my recovery. I have no pain – although long since stopped using HONDROCREAM. Now go fishing, work on the house and I love to play with her grandson! My wife and I plan to walk around the world! That our young proglushiha ears, how nice it was there.

So who has arthritis, osteochondrosis or arthrosis, in a word, that it hurt the joints and back, take note of my information: HONDROCREAM treated joints!

What is Hondrocream?

Relieves muscle spasms and eliminates inflammation. Unique natural ingredients and effective treatment of osteochondrosis and arthritis. Slows the degeneration of cartilaginous tissue and stimulates metabolism in it, which contributes to the restoration of the articular cartilage. With regular use helps to significantly slow the progression of diseases of joints and spine.

How To Use Hondrocream?

For those who want to always stay physically active, first hondroprotectors with increased analgesic effect in the treatment of pain caused by diseases of the cartilage of the joints.

Apply on dry skin and rubbed until complete absorption of the medium.
To be used 2-3 times a day

Advantages Hondrocream





Expert Opinion

Hondrocream is a biologically active agent as soon as possible relieves pain and swelling, restores joints and allows you to return to an active lifestyle.

All components of Hondrocream are exclusively of natural origin , so that the product has a broad spectrum of activity and does not cause side effects. The main component is collagen – the main protein in the body.

Honestly I personally use it on osteochondrosis, I love his quick action, after the full course of treatment at all forgot about the problems with the joints.


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