Idealica – Lose UPTO 40kg Just in Few Months!!

Lose 40kg with IdealicaThis story began in 2015. She transferred 60 million from bank customers’ accounts by her accomplice. All searches have failed.

The strangest thing in this story is that she was in suspicion, but investigators released them. No one could recognize a young girl fragile once fully mature rascal.

Passion and deceit

A few months before the story Theft million compared met with a dietitian, Alexander, who was hired to sell drops ideal in Baia Mare. At first it was just his client, but soon developed a love secret doctor and patient.

The woman lost more weight, the more often heard from others that he was younger and he simply could not be identified. When Maria had a cunning plan. He persuaded Alexander to begin life “from scratch”. Respected in the city dietitian for a long time did not agree, but the stakes were great.Lose 40kg with Idealica

Maria, a few months, the copied data on customer accounts of the Bank. And in September 2015, compared transferred 60 million in secret accounts created under the scam. Next scammers using fake documents and banking, secured money transfer in settlement accounts controlled companies.

Lose 40kg with Idealica

If bones lose weight …

When the money was stolen, scammers have decided to separate and hide until everything was resolved. But Mary was already too strong feelings for Alexander. Therefore, the couple decided to hide from justice together abroad. At this point, they have been declared look internationally.

To sit all day in the house of Mary were not going to, so I went on a course of treatment using iDEAL . Weight loss of 30 kg, without being recognized, has changed the face and body, Mary was accepted as a student. But Alexander was slim and smart, but plastic is not resolved – just changed his hairstyle.

Lose 40kg with Idealica

This error was fatal: included in the cafe with a friend spectacular, at the police officer orientation. A couple of observations installed. As mentioned, Mary and release – even experienced staff “Interpol” could not believe that we can change and much to lose weight in a few months. At that time, the girl already had a passport in the name of Francesca 22 years.


When Alexandra was imprisoned, Maria enjoyed a luxurious life for another three years. She bought a property elite and even started an account account its luxurious life, which has become increasingly popular every day.

Payment came later, when Mary got a young lover and not refused anything. Learning about it, Alexander could not forgive betrayal loved and surrendered to authorities in exchange for early release. Maria was retained on the set the first clip for her new boyfriend.

Maria and Alexander before and after losing weight Maria

Lose 40kg with Idealica

You know that weight loss is achieved, usually so slow and often observed effect so-called yo-yo when, after losing weight, the pounds return a greater amount?

Listen reasons

Lose 40kg with IdealicaWhen you hold a diet, your metabolism decreases to almost catastrophic minimum. Therefore, doctors basically not recommended to keep a diet, because then it gets worse. After removal of the sport will be the same problems weight

To lose weight effectively, metabolism must be accelerated to the maximum, then the weight will not be back and there will be no yo-yo effect.

Lose 40kg with IdealicaIf you have the opportunity to deal actively with sport, you know, during exercise, a hormone called irisin is synthesized in the human body. When it was discovered, it was decided to call in honor of the ancient Greek goddess of the rainbow goddess – Iris.

The hormone is very useful for our body and builds the correct form. Recently, scientists phyto-analogues have discovered exotic fruit rambutan. Fitoirizin rebuilds a person’s metabolism and start working intensively. During administration of fitoirizină strengthens effect at the genetic level.

However we solved the problem – extract from the fruit rambutan extract superpotent
with a large amount of fitoirizină.

Lose 40kg with IdealicaI mean, this remedy can replace exercise. Fitoirizin has the unique ability to transform white fat eliminating harmful energy in the body.

Remove all deposits gradually accumulated body fat and you get the correct anatomical form.

As a result, you become the owner of a figure truly beautiful. I have already explained how this is possible.

The human body needs many complex ingredients break down fats and to establish metabolism. All are 100% natural and safe. Never acceptable synthetic drugs have an incredible amount of side effects.


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