Idealica Review – lose 18 kg in 4 Weeks, Advanced Fat Burner Supplement

The twin sisters have proved that you can lose 18 kg each

There is debate about the sensational topic of “Life Talks” talk show about twin sisters Sonja and Marie Kimmel, who met after 20 years of separation and all have surprised with completely different characters! As it turned out, it’s all about nutrition. Read how Marie lost 18 kg during our experiment in less than 4 weeks and was indistinguishable from her slender twin sister.

We recall that the sisters Sonja and Marie were forced after the divorce of their parents to travel to different parts of the world: Sonja has flown with her father to Thailand and Marie stayed with her mother in Germany. Parents have not spoken for years.

This is the last joint photo of twins was made six Monatevor their long separation, in the photo they are 6 years old.

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The long-awaited meeting was due to Sonja, who wrote to us to find with the request, a mother and a sister.
After their heartbreaking story of a special affinity for her sister we could not refuse, and found their relatives after 3 weeks finding them. The audience could not hold back the tears, when sisters met in our studio. “During filming, they did not let each other for a second, hands off.

Thousands of people have since followed their fate, and the sisters publish photos together and collect Likes of Folowern from around the world.

“Exotic” experiment of twins

Many television viewers have noticed how the life – and nutrition conditions can affect the appearance with absolutely identical genetics and hereditary tendency toward obesity.

Sonja got a slim figure, and Marie has grown rather stout on the contrary.
Sonja, who now supports her sister in all things in life wants to help her to get back in shape and achieve the figure of her dream. Marie, thrilled by the example of her sister, has opted for an exotic in every way experiment.

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A great result – away 18 kg!

Thousands of spectators watched the sisters and admired how they supported each other. And after just 25 days before the official end of the experiment, we saw this photo session, where the sisters Kimmel appeared as real twins before us: now they are both incredibly slim and beautiful! Marie succeeded to lose with Idealica in 3.5 weeks 17 kg, but especially her body was elastic and got a nice shape.

As helps Idealica?

IdealicaIt’s no secret that the exchange of substances in overweight people is characterized by the dominance of dell storage processes, ie l am is ready to rework every calorie fat into energy during a “wasteful day” For a overweight person is easier to take 5 pounds you lose one.

But even with a tremendous effort manages to slim down, l`organismo takes minimal effort to restore l strategic reserves, costs him only lower l training or desist idea dieting.

The Idealica patented product bears the exchange of substances in the norm!

Idealica Natural Ingredients

Phytoirisine (rambutan plant extract)
Transforms “bad” to unsaturated “good” saturated fats, which are easily removed from the body

Excerpts from Kiwano (Cucumis metuliferus) and Chirimoya
Drainage and detoxification of the body

Tibetan green coffee extracts, green tea “Shambhala” sour orange
8 times increases metabolism, it has stronger antioxidant effect

L-carnitine, chromium picolinate de
Strengthen the energy potential of the body, reduce appetite

Expert Opinion

IdealicaPatrizia Bergemann, dietician, nutritionist

As for the difference in the figures of the girl, then everything is clear. In Thailand, the daily food of Sonja from Rambutan, Kivana and cherimoya was. In these fruits a plant analogue of the hormone was found – Phytoirisin that is released during physical activity, and transforms fat into energy. Phytoirisin helps get rid of excess kilos. This explains the loss of Sonja, who ate every day 3-4 kg rambutan and other fruits.


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