Silane Guard Review – Takecare Of Your Car With New Liquid Glass

We test the new liquid glass on a Brilliance V5

Hello everyone! Many probably know that recently entered the market in the Italian market the Japanese liquid glass Silane Guard. The demand is incredible, the whole city is in fermentation. I’ve already tested in the spring by ordering direct from Japan. I want to show visually what is this product and how it works.

To cover my beautiful machine with something like the one and only liquid glass I thought about it all winter. A polishing coverage of this type had already been made by the dealer before the sale. But unfortunately the owners apparently did not bother too much about the quality and origin of the product and are mostly concerned to cover the small flaws of the body. After a few months of that liquid glass cover was no trace.

liquid glassAnd here in early March I found this online offering covering the liquid glass Willson Company Silane Guard . And so I decided to take care of my car.

I made the order on the official website of the manufacturing company. Before buying I carefully read the reviews, even on Quattroruote. Everyone commended absolutely. After a few days I received the package. He started to get cold so my wife and I decided to wait a bit ‘. And as the temperature is back above zero we took a hot thermos and went into the garage.

So, first step. thorough cleaning of the machine. Then I applied a shampoo and then rinse it later. Second step, removal of fat and grease. On the forum they said that he can not help but I’m used to, so I did my own thing. Some people prefer not to get stressed, too bad for them. Third step, I again rinsed and allowed to dry.

THE next day we went to the final stage, the application of Silane Guard. To be honest it is the most comfortable of the covers I’ve ever tried. It is easily applied and is attached in an ideal way. The most interesting thing is that after a double application I still had more than half of the package. Along with a reasonable price this makes the liquid glass the best alternative for money.

We applied with a sponge and a microfiber cloth according to the instructions. Before I spent a sponge soaked with liquid glass and after 10 minutes my wife with microfiber. After an hour we repeated the procedure to enhance the effect.

The first thing I noticed is that this preparation eliminates in a “fantastic” micro abrasions and scratches from the body. In half a year after all appeared signs of wear on the machine as far as I’m careful. But this is not a problem because after applying Silane Guard he is not a trace remains. My jewel was now shining! Incredible!

It’s already been three months since then and the liquid glass is like new. The manufacturer promises one year! Well, we’ll see. When they are satisfied with all the rain runs off, and dirt does not stick. The car shines like new. So friends, Silane Guard is verŠ°mente one product. As they say, I tried it on my skin. Indeed, the skin of my car.

liquid glass Silane Guard

A revolutionary product of Japanese society willson – the one-component “liquid glass”! It maintains the natural color of the car as if it was just out of the dealer. Dona luster and shine to the car body for a long time, up to one year! In addition it has a powerful waterproof and water-repellent effect.

Benefits of Silane Guard

  • It maintains the natural color of the brilliant body

  • Okay for any type of lacquered surface

  • effective defense against small scratches

  • Effect waterproof

Results using Silane Guard

Saves the color clear, natural body

gives a unique splendor to the car body for a long time

In addition it gives a powerful effect Waterproof and water-repellent

It defends from minor scratches from the elements, from aggressive shampoos used in mechanical washing


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