SugaNorm Review – Stabilizes The Sugar Level & Normalizes Insulin Release

Hello! My name is Lorenzo Pesce.

i do not usually write reviews, but this time I decided to do it for all people with diabetes like me. Since because of the medical errors I almost lose his life.

I am 35 years old, a wife and two children. I do cook in a school canteen. Ten years ago they made me the diagnosis: diabetes of the second type. I was always tired, I could not eat normally, despite hard I much. With my work then! In addition it has become necessary to keep under control the level of sugar in the blood.

My day began by measuring the level of sugar through the finger. I was losing thousands of euro per month for medicines. With a salary like mine! A catastrophe! Put that lately also in Italy the coast of the pills has always been increasing.

 SugaNormI had to sell the house in the countryside and the machine, take out a loan to pay for treatment and to buy you need to always measure the level of sugar … I was going to end up in the grave like this. I was always sick and in a couple of months have fattened considerably. Then I started to be a problem for my family I lived with the fear that my children would have diabetes type II.

I thought it could not have been worse, until an event has not risked my life.

 SugaNormI bought some new shoes and wearing them I started to get blisters. After some time have turned into scars that did not close anymore. I did not feel pain but it was hard to walk, burned my feet , so I turned to a doctor. He told me that there was a great possibility for the appearance of gangrene, which would have resulted in the loss of his leg !!!

I started to sweat. I knew that the gangrene was not something so rare for diabetics, but I never thought that I would have to deal with this problem. How could I ever live and work without a leg !? I went to the doctor with the fear of how it would change my life … with a list of another hundred euro medicine.

That same evening I talked about it on Skype with an old school friend who now lives in America. He has heard my sad story, my health problems, my lack of money for treatment. He was then told that in America the situation regarding drug medication is the same. American doctors recommend to buy expensive drugs that do not make the situation worse. Indeed MORE ‘PEOPLE ILL There are, MOST’ MAJOR PILLS. And selling drugs earns huge sums to drug companies. I do not think that in Italy the situation is different, just do not talk.

I asked my friend in substance as curassero diabetes in America, and he told me that now people refuse to buy the classic drugs, prefer prepared natural . Their effectiveness is much better and do not cause damage to the body, unlike the pills. Virtually all the medicines for diabetes in America are replaced by special preparation – “SugaNorm” . In Italy we have I had never even heard of, so I asked him to send me the link of this preparation.

I discovered that “SugaNorm” is an organic product in powder form. The main component is inulin, obtained from the plant , Helianthus tuberosus . It ‘been used for centuries in Eastern medicine to stabilize the level of blood sugar. After several studies contemporary science has confirmed the effectiveness of this polysaccharide in the fight against diabetes type II. And the most important thing is that the combination of inulin and L-Arginine helps in restoring the pancreatic cells that release insulin!

“SugaNorm” – is the only supplement that is based on this component. In the case of diabetes type II removes glucose from the blood , reduces or completely eliminates (in more than 20% of patients) the dependence on preparations that lower the level of blood sugar , strengthens blood vessels and regulates metabolism.

“SugaNorm” is recommended for use in addition to other preparations already in use , even when used in via PREVENTIVE, if you are afraid that there is a risk of aggravation.

I decided to try “SugaNorm”, so now I had nothing to lose and I ordered on the website of the manufacturer.

Basically I drank in the morning with a glass of hot water, I scioglievo a spoon in the glass and drank hot in small sips. I’ll tell you honestly, I did not believe in miracles. And I was wrong … After a week, I realized that I got tired less, and gradually I again began to eat my favorite foods . The level of blood sugar returned to normal (before taking “SugaNorm ‘the level of glucose in the fasting blood was 9.6 , after two weeks on a full stomach was 5.4 😊 and wounds on the feet healed. And there I said the weight. I lost 4.5 kg!

SugaNormI could not believe these results … Here’s the solution for those suffering from diabetes type II. They disappeared aches and pains, I stopped to watch what I ate . No more thoughts of injections and operations. No I HAD MORE ‘NEED TO TAKE ALL THOSE PILLS. I defeated diabetes without the help of those crook of pharmaceutical companies and without the advice of so-called “experts”.

I say it now, “SugaNorm” is sold only on the Internet because no one’s interests that the product goes on sale on the open market. Remember that the drug causes do not see you as a patient can be cured … they see it as a customer for life.

While “SugaNorm” VI SAVES thousands of euro, which otherwise would have been given to pharmaceutical companies. Be aware, in Italy it is face to come across fake. Order only by TRUE AND ONLY official distributor of Italian, you can ensure quality.

I hoped that my story will help save more than one life. Be healthy!

Benefits Of SugaNorm

The product dissolves quickly and helps immediately with hyperglycemic problems. SugaNorm – it digests slowly and carefully so sick. Combining a proper diet SugaNorm grow much opportunities to combat diabetes.

  • It increases the release of insulin
  • He defends the excessive presence of blood
  • Warns the hypoglycaemic
  • Restores the functions of the liver and pancreas
  • It stabilizes the assimilation of carbohydrates
  • It stabilizes the level of sugar
  • Normalize metabolism

In 90% of cases diabetes involves these complications

  • Shock and coma
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Stroke
  • Kidney disease
  • Skin infections
  • Cancrene
  • motor Impairments
  • clogged Arteries
  • Impotence
  • Loss of vision

5 Actions Against Diabetes

  1. It stimulates the work of the beta cells of the islets of Langerhans and pancreas
  2. It stabilizes the metabolism and prevents the negative actions of the pancreas, the cells and metabolic processes.
  3. It defends the body from poisoning
  4. It cleans the blood and lymph
  5. It keeps the immune system and prevents problems of view.

Additional actions on the organism

  • It cleans the body of wastes and toxins
  • It strengthens the walls of blood vessels
  • It improves the functioning of blood and its rhythm
  • It lowers the amount of cholesterol in the blood
  • It stabilizes the pressure blood
  • It promotes the regularization of the hormonal balance in the body
  • Fills the immune deficiency of the organism

Expert’s Opinion

Rodolfo Lorenzi, Doctor Endocrinologist

SugaNormContemporaries prepared against diabetes occupy only the symptoms but do not cure the root problem. The capsules for diabetes SugaNorm instead carry a total remission. After the first cycle of diabetes starts to disappear, and all the body’s organs begin to work properly ..

The effectiveness of the preparation is demonstrated both by laboratory tests from clinical trials.

After a SugaNorm the dynamics of diabetes care cycle is improved in all patients. I recommend this modern and effective preparation.


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