Symptoms caused by Dengue

Early symptoms of dengue fever include high fever and malaise, that arise around 3 days after the bite of the mosquito Aedes Aegypti.

Learn about the evolution of the disease is important to not to be confused with other diseases such as influenza, cold, malaria or meningitis, for example, initiating the treatment quickly.

Specific symptoms of classic dengue

The symptoms of classic dengue are similar to Zika, but are usually more intense and last for about 7 to 15 days, while the Zika usually disappears within maximum 1 week. However, in either case, it is important to go to the doctor to make the proper diagnosis of the disease and provide treatment guidance to follow.

High fever

High fever begins suddenly and the body temperature is around 39 to 40 ° C. Fever means that the body is beginning to fight the virus through the production of antibodies, and so it is important to start the rest so that the energies of the body to focus on virus.

How to relieve: You should use medications that control fever such as acetaminophen, preferably prescribed by the doctor, put wet cloths on the forehead, the nape of the neck and armpits or take slightly cold baths to help lower body temperature.

Nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting occur due to the malaise caused by the disease, which also causes lack of appetite and dizziness to strong smells.

How to relieve: It should eat only small amounts of food at a time, avoiding eating very hot or very cold, since they worsen the unrest. In addition to this, easy to chew and Digest, food should be preferred avoiding excess salt, pepper and spices in general.

Headache behind the eyes and

The headache typically mainly affects the region of the eyes and tends to worsen with movement and the efforts of the view.

How to relieve: Take acetaminophen pain remedies, put warm compresses on the forehead or take ginger, anise, lavender and Chamomile teas.

Red spots on the skin

The red spots are similar to measles spots, but arise mainly in the region of the chest and arms. The disease can be confirmed through the test loop or turnstile.

In the medical post, the loop test can differentiate symptoms of dengue and the Zika, since this test is to exercise an intermediate pressure for 5 minutes in the forearm of the patient, and when the skin returns to its relaxed state medical ob you serve the amount of stains that appear by the rupture of blood vessels, in the case of dengue occurs formation of more red spots that the Zika.

Discomfort and extreme tiredness

Because of the fight to combat the virus, the body spends more energy and causes the feeling of extreme tiredness. In addition, as normally the patient feeds wrong during disease due to the lack of appetite, body is still weak and tired.

How to relieve: You should avoid going to school, to work or perform activities of effort at home, so it should be resting as much as possible, in addition to this is very important the ingestion of water and liquids in general to facilitate the Elimination of the virus.


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