Tonus Elast Review – Strengthen The Spine & Back Muscles

NATALIA How we managed to get rid of scoliosis

Tonus ElastI want to tell you how my life happened a miracle that I have created myself! Without the help of doctors or operations, I managed to free myself from the strong inclination cord (scoliosis).
I hope that my method will help anybody else and save the expensive and dangerous operation when the string cord put iron plates with screws.

I had scoliosis when I tried to take pictures that would look natural inclination to left

Now I am 42 years old. Scoliosis started to develop when I was 30 when I fell sick and knocked me back. At 36 years I got scoliosis diagnosis of stage II, which progressed quite quickly. He gave the third group of disability (with the possibility to work).

Tonus ElastThen I had second group (without possibility of employment). Shop owner I worked kicked me out. He said buyers my appearance and because it decreases sales. I needed to go to work in the workshop of dried fish. It was tantamount backs have.

The doctors have given operation. I refused. It’s not about money, though not small, even after taking into account the period of rehabilitation. I know the woman who had the same problem. A operation that made us the Iasi Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine. The result is difficulty countries was not directed back hardly, but now the pain is awful and poor drink a lot of pills. How to go to Bucharest? It is quite difficult.

My little miracle

Tonus ElastHere’s how to Rontgen shows lathes and screws put in back

As I said already saved me a miracle. He forgot a magazine where we wrote NASA documents. There have been buyers and boredom I opened the magazine. She caught your eye a name: Method coreŇ£iei passive posture scoliosis corrector “ .

The article was scientifically incomprehensible different finish. But the most important thing I got – scoliosis can be treated with special corrector without surgery! When the teacher asked recovered reviewed all information correctly.

Here withdrawals from the magazine:

Tonus ElastHome I read the article closely, and I called the center of the spine pathologies, the teacher gave me the number.

My back after treatment

Long threw me from one number to another, but I finally managed to talk to one of the authors of the article. It saddened me immediately saying that the Center not produce accurate and does not send them. But it gave the phone company that produces correction. Immediately I called there and I quickly explained how to place an order.
You should go easy on the official website , write your data. And confirm your order by phone.

And after five days already Correction outfit , which was written in the article, was to me. I put the same time and started to port. It was very comfortable and was not seen in dresses, even though I was only in robe. Already after a week back pain disappeared. Discomfort left when I tilted. And after a month I made sure that backs began to move , left shoulder blade began to rise to the right!

Tonus ElastAfter three months inclination disappeared at all! I felt a healthy person . I got rid of disability, I left the shop and become a seller again – this service I like more.

Now I am healthy and safe

A year now my back is right again! If no serious disease so can not understand the joy of the man who escaped the disease.

Much hope that my experience will help other people who suffer from scoliosis or kyphosis.
Be healthy!

What is Tonus Elast?

Tonus Elast

  • Tonus Elast – is a simple and effective way to regain a healthy posture, eliminate back pain and start a healthy lifestyle.
  • Tonus Elast action principle is very simple. Stretchy and durable corrector “fixed” excellent posture: back remains straight and the shoulders – is heading.
  • Medical posture corrector, with bands “cross” is characterized by a high degree of comfort. It is intended for the prevention and correction of disorders of posture and spine straightening.
  • Posture corrector is suitable for everyone. Due to its special design, the product can be worn by both men and women.
  • Elastic material fits perfectly on the body, which allows wearing corrector under almost any clothing. Correction is absolutely invisible, comfortable, convenient and practical.
  • The resilient and field allow the body to take a natural position, which is fixed at the level of reflexes. In about a month of use, behind “remember” the correct position and concealer should be worn only for prevention.

Benefits Of Tonus Elast

Tonus Elast

  • Rapid correction of posture
  • Eliminate Back Pain
  • Strengthen the spine and back muscles
  • Correction shoulder line
  • Improvement of the external appearance
  • Improved self-esteem
  • General revitalizing effect


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