Welltox Review – Get Rid Of Pigmentation Permanently

How do I rid of Pigmentation Permanently

Good day! I want to tell you how I permanently forget about pigmentation spots on the face. Note that here I helped my great love for China, but I’ll tell you about everything in sequence.

Result for 1.5 months

I am proud of the way I have changed

Welltox From childhood I had a lot of freckles, but from the beginning it was more about acceptance. And 16 years of age I’m on holiday at the sea, then vanished suntan, freckles and become dark pigmentation spots. Nothing not help: SKRABS, ointments, gels, diet, visits in with beauticians. The high cost of advertising tools, folk instruments from the Internet. But everything would give only a temporary effect and no result.

How Do rid of Pigmentation

Since childhood, the Eastern culture attracts me, mainly China. Great Wall of China, the Buddhist church, excellent geisha and even Chinese sticks – everything is mine! And VA about 4 months ago I went to the long-awaited and beloved China. The trip was amazing and unforgettable, but now I am not of it. Then, with pigment spots, I almost reconciled. And VA in the last rest day I suddenly noticed – all brook has a clean face! As well trigger and why?

A week later, when I started to use the skull Welltox , it can be seen that the spots become smaller

Long thought to think, just I came and asked a young girl on behalf of Chi, about my age. And VA what she told me. First, Chi takes a healthy lifestyle. She walks a lot of walking and eating little refined sugar. But I think it has no special significance, since the set of my friends is a homebody and loves to eat something sweet, and nothing else. I also do not follow any diet.

And secondly, Chi advised to buy a natural tool face bleaching. The ancient Chinese recipes are impossibly useful. Later we Chi dinner, sushi restaurant, walk about, just have a great time.

The next day before departure home local pharmacy bought whitening cream Welltox with Undara Pinatifida algae extract. Measures have been many, but the seller I parekomendavo precisely this. Welltox razinėlė is algae Undara Pinatifida peptide extracts in combination with vegetable oils and food Extract. This algae is a gem of Chinese traditional medicine, he lives in cold water near China, Korea and Japan.

The plant is used in traditional Eastern practice for more than fifteen hundred years. It contains: Lemon (Citrus medica limonum) BERGENIJA (Bergenia crassifolia), Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra), olive oil (Oil PLEAS Europae fruit), grape seed oil (Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil), glycolic acid and other active ingredients. These are natural components in vehicles containing, gentle and, most importantly, safely whitens the skin, keeps freckles and pigmentation.

The introduction of the skull Welltox already Lithuania. After the first treatment there improvements: spots brightened considerably. My face has become completely clean after 1.5 months! In fact, until the last moment I did not believe that the result will not disappear upon cessation of use, but everything has succeeded . I am so grateful to Chi! By the way, we often communicate with her skype.

Recently I found online bleaching skull Welltox official website . This product recently appeared Lithuania – my friend, my advice was waiting for him about 2 months. Wat I decided to write a review.

Every Human life Miracle Occurs!

Welltox I’m sure my little words will help many people to get rid of pigmentation and freckles, or simply become healthier natural beauty and youth: Chinese recipes thanks.

I use Welltox. Changes already distinctly visible! Who will say that the images differ only in one month? 🙂

Welltox Ingredients

Welltox is a Measure Better than Other Analogues

Natural cream containing components to quickly deal with pigmentation spots!

  • Moisturizes and tightens the skin
  • Removes pigment spots
  • prevents new occurrence
  • Completely natural product
  • Whitens skin



Types of pigmentation

Strazdanos, apgamai

(Yellow and dark red pigment spots)

(Large pigmented spots on the face, resulting mainly young women)

Dischromija at gestation
(Occurs in women during pregnancy in the background or making contraceptives)

Application Method

Cover “Welltox” clean skin, problematic area of ​​skin, leave for 10 minėtėms soak, then rinse with warm water cream. Use twice a day.


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