Zdorov Review – Get rid of Joint, Back & Muscle Pain

ZdorovOddly, the problem is not solved by both variants. “Why?” Asks each physiotherapy specialist or an experienced fitness trainer. Many articles devoted to this issue claim that constitute “a good Muskelkostum” or “the Kraftige jerking” a basis for the healthy jolt vertebrae.

Sure, it’s much better to have the trained muscles to jerk the vertebrae, as the weak. but there arise a number of questions, thanks to which we can look at this statement from a new angle.

Basically the back pain

ZdorovFirst, why now and then hurts the jerks at the people? Make great progress in the sport? About these people can not say that they have “weak” muscles. Second, what should people do where back pain is only one problem from the series of other diseases (often heart disease, disease vascular, hypertension, thrombophlebitis)? For every intensification of the load of a weight training the recrudescence and the aggravation can contribute? And third, whether it is at all correct to connect the back pain with the Intensivitat the stress gets the organism from the Korperubungen?

we want to try to make sense of this problem and look at it from different sides.

Above all, it is important to know what projects the pain. The matter is that the back pain, both the result of osteochondrosis, the herniated disc, the diseases of the jerk vertebral joints, inflammation in the muscles and sinew, the tumors, as well as the result of diseases of the internal organs (heart, kidney etc. may be). Here, the disease can continue to be named, besides, can sometimes be congenial to human pain localization, the pain basically are quite different. So the first conclusion: a real disease assessment is a basis for the choice of means and methods of the movement behavior.

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Widespread Disease of The 21st Century

ZdorovOne of the most common problems of the spinal vertebra, the computer and the Raumturismus while developing the osteochondrosis. The scientific works and publications of scholars about it rich in the statistical data that the osteochondrosis has virtually every man after 30 years. Not to speak of the professional athletes who want to achieve good results and TESTING your motion system again and again. As a result, they exchange a portion of their health against medals, titles and diplomas.

Especially in the moments when a vortex is suddenly moved a little, the pressure on the nerve root of the spinal cord is strong. And that the “creator” has probably not intended for any compression of the neurons is eingeschatzt by the body than the possible danger, so he has to defend himself, of course, reflexively. For the effective method that uses the human body in order to restrict the movement quickly in each joint is maintained pain.

The slight pain is a signal about it is that it has got any “detail” in the body to a halt. The acute pain jahe’s been no signal, but the information about having a “detail” will soon be broken. Or, what is worse, it has become already broken. And the strong and clear is the pain, the greater it will be the problems.

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So the second conclusion: the pain is a signal about having the organism not everything is in order.

How To Treat It?

ZdorovIf I understand that the thing goes bad and my joints still hurt, I had to hold face. A well-known doctor, whose opinion I trust completely, told me that I should I can either allernachste time (one month, six months or even a year) make the massage of the problem areas, or extend this muscle and to reduce the burden, so that the situation does not get worse.

At this point, I have already achieved good results: the weight in the Grundubungen was almost 100 kilos. Those were certainly the right kilos, with the ideal procedure, the knowledge and perceptions of one’s own organism.

People who train with load will understand it determines how I did not want to reduce the weight, especially if you already see that the muscle mass is large. That’s why I started to look for the prophylactic drugs that could help me in the complicated matter of the treatment of my joints. I chose it on one!

Propolis cream zdorov! About this cream, there were many good reviews, and their numbers looked unverdachtig.

At the same time under different circumstances, I have ceased with the training. Approximately one month I lubricated my joints using this cream, while I’m only running this time without strength training. After a month I have greatly admired me than I realized at the gym that my elbow pain has become much smaller. Previously he was hurting for certain exercises, now I feel the same weight as good as no pain. but I bemuhe me not to run amok and the rod burden not strong.

What is Zdorov Cream?

The wax cream zdorov for joints – a local preparation of the new generation, which combines the latest scientific findings. The wax cream is recommended by leading hospitals in the country as a fundamental means of curing diseases of the joints.

  • Regenerated effectively damaged cartilage
  • Eliminates pain, edema and joint stiffness
  • Are the members back their mobility

Benefits of Zdorov

ZdorovHow often do you test your joints? We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the typical symptoms familiar, that may signal a joint disease:

  • lasting or temporary pain occurring
  • Joint pain during change of season and cold winter
  • Grinding and pangs during movements
  • Discomfort and periodically recurring pain
  • Meteorosensitivity
  • Irritability

Zdorov Ingredients


Effective against swelling and pain, has a vein tonic effect and supports the re-formation of thrombi. Actively contributes to the healing of the tissue and activates metabolism.

Olive oil

Natural remedy, contains large amounts of the joints useful vitamins and trace elements, speeds up metabolism, improves the supply of the joints, absorbs well.

Cedar Resin

Strengthens the blood circulation in the vessels, inhibits inflammation. Regenerates and strengthens the joints in arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Extract of the greater wax moth

Strengthens the tone of the vein walls in the vessels of the joints, making them flexible and elastic. Increases the suppleness of the synovial fluid facilitates sliding over each of the joint surfaces.


Has a regenerating and hemostatic effect.

Bee Venom

Improves the microcirculation of the blood and relieves muscle spasms.

Bees Extract

Inhibits inflammation and pain in severe diseases of the joints, cartilage and tendons.


The preparation be added extra vitamins (eg, vitamin B1, B5 and C) that have a tonic effect on the vein walls and promote tissue regeneration.

Pain Goes Away Not By Itself

Unlike some other diseases (such as colds) go joint diseases passed not by itself. This means that the disease over time will only get worse and causing ever greater malaise.

When the diseased joints are passed on, the disease increased and it may happen that the use of conservative treatment does not help.

It may be necessary to elaborate complicated operations. In some cases a complete amputation is required, which inevitably leads to disability.

Specialists Opinoin

Specialists OpinoinI recommend to my patients with joint diseases of different nature and seriousness the wax cream zdorov. Of course, not all buy them, because production is limited. The cream acts locally, directly penetrate into the interior of joint and acts directly against the disease. The unique composition of wax cream zdorov regenerates damaged cartilage, stops the pain and inflammation of the joints and provides its normal function restored. It is well suited for the treatment of osteochondrosis, arthritis, osteoarthritis and disorders of the musculoskeletal system.


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